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"Randy is a very hard working, honest, professional detailer that knows his craft. I bought a 2010 E350 that had some scratches and the paint was dull. Well not anymore. It shines like new!!!!! Randy's attention to detail is impressive. We will be scheduling Randy to work his magic on my wife's Acura MDX next. Thank you for a job well done."
-Lee B.
"Detailed two of our vehicles... Honda Odessey and Ford F-150 truck!!! Both looked just like "new" and we loved everything that was done... Inside & out!!!! Thank you Randy Thompson at Aim High Detailing!!"
-Brenda B.
"All i can say is WOW. My car is a 96 toyota corolla with 240k miles on her. Its been a while since she has had any real detailing done. I picked my car up from Randy and my husband said "that car hasnt looked that good in 10 years! Very impressed. Thanks Randy!"
-Michele P.
"WOW! The work done on my husband's car was top notch. His car is now white again and the shine is like new on his 2005 Camry that spent most of its life outdoors. Thank you for your hard work and great service for my Christmas gift to my husband. I'll be back with my car real soon."
-Susan H.
-Joel F.
"Randy is hard working, honest, and a perfectionist. When I bought my new car Clifford, I wanted to make sure that he made it perfect before I subjected it to the rigors of Atlanta driving. Thank you!!!!!"
-Edith C.
"Randy is perfectionist and he'll make your car looking better then new."
-Alex S.
"Randy did an awesome job on my F-150. It was nasty and now it's as good as new. He even came and picked up and delivered it back at a very reasonable price."
-Eddie M.
"Well - I am on my 5th car being done by Randy. I am a small business owner. We hired some fly-by-night roofers that got coating ALL OVER the City of Lilburn's vehicles next door, our customers cars and my wife's car. It was NOT coming off. Randy came to the rescue for us. I really thought, this guy is gonna bail - this was no easy task, nothing was working, but he hung in there, found solutions, never gave up, worked his tail off and got it off every one! I can't say enough about this guy! He had much easier work he could have done, but stuck with us to get us through the jam. And didn't rake us over the coals on pricing. You just don't find people like this anymore."
-Tal G
"Randy Thompson is honest, hard working and meticulous. He resurrected my husband's 30 year old f 250 after it had been sitting in the driveway under trees for decades. It looks brand new! We have him on the monthly detail plan for our 3 vehicles. I have folks stop me in the parking lot to tell me how beautiful my new Mazda 6 is and I hand them Randy's card so that they can drive beautiful cars too!"
-Edith C
"LET ME SAY I AM THRILLED. Picked Randy out of a long list and held my breath. He came all the way down to Lilburn to shampoo and clean just my interior. It was BAD. My husband works in automotive car parts polishing and between his black hands and clothes and our 2 dogs, red clay mud and sweat, I was sure there was no hope for my car. It looks FABULOUS!  
The biggest thing is his attention to detail, honesty, and just plain CARES ABOUT A JOB WELL DONE. 
We already have him looking at the truck to do some work on it and my Hummer is next! A RARE FIND THIS ONE IS."
-Kim A.
"I am very attached to my 2006 Little Red Honda (LadyBug) and plan to keep her for another 1 years at least. I have been somewhat neglectful to her upkeep.
Randy made her look like new.
Attention to detail and pride in the job well done is reflected in everything Randy does. I could never have dreamed the car could looks good again :-)
Randy also did my mom's 1990 Honda Accord last year - he made it look like new."
-Teri J.
"Randy has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the detailing industry. I own an 89' 325i BMW that's been through years of neglect. My car was basically pink from years of oxidation when I purchased it, and now the paint looks like it just came out of the factory! Randy knows his stuff when it comes to single stage paints. I'm a firm believer in "you get what you pay for" and Randy is top of the line in the detailing business. Aim High!"
-Matt G
"We are Luxury Import Service and repair Shop in Buford. Randy detailed several of our business vehicles, and we continue to recommend him to our customers. He is honest and very detail oriented. Awesome job Randy!"
-Global Auto Center
"Randy was recommended to me. After some online research, combined with the fact that he was located very close to me, I called and made the appointment. I had Randy detail my wife's car to get it ready for sale. The car was absolutely beautiful. All scratches gone. All shined up. Matter of fact, somebody at my wife's employment thought that her 2008 automobile was the NEW automobile that we just purchased. I would highly recommend Randy at Aim High Detailing. We will use his services from now on!"
-Mike S.
"My car (I call him Wolfgang) has 30,000 miles with dents, scratches, and I wanted him to look brand new again. I love Aim High Detailing! Thank you Randy!"
-Edith C.
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